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Do It For You: Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Do It For You: Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Kahlil Darden knows how it feels to have the wind knocked out of you when life happens. Growing up in the urban environment of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and having seen the tragedy of  violence, death, and other misfortunes, Kahlil’s heart pulled him into a life of service to youth and their families. When death hit his family with the loss of his uncle, he saw the breakdown in his school, and within his community and vowed to prevent other families from feeling that same pain. He sees the greatness in people when they are hurting the most.


“The world may attempt to take you out,” Kahlil says, “but allow your story to be your stepstool and not a rock that weighs you down.” In this book, part memoir, part journal and call to action, Kahlil provides tools for young people to find strength in their story in order for them to turn their pain into purpose.

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